As previously mentioned - we love to ride bikes. We get together on Monday and Wednesday nights during riding season as well as regular weekend rides of various distance and difficulty. Ride speed is dictated by the group. We generally keep a sporty but not blazing fast pace, that coupled with the usually small group size and the fantastic road layout around here allows the riders who want to fly to do so and for more leisurely minded riders to take it easy and catch up at the intersections. We never leave anyone behind! Regular group rides start from the French Quarter Inn parking lot downtown on Mondays and the Church of the Nazarene parking lot off of Maple Leaf Road on Wednesday nights. Start times for weeknight rides are 5;30pm from early Spring thru the middle of April, changing to 6pm start for all rides through October, then back to 5:30pm thru Fall and as far into Winter as sunset will allow. Weekend rides are widely varied throughout the season, like our Facebook page for up to date ride info, updates, and photos. Get out and ride with us!!